Top Ten Ways to Maintain Immune System

Greece- soaking up vitamin D, de-stressing, walking on the beach

People often ask me how I remain so healthy during cold and flu season when I see so many sick people.

The first reason is that I see so many sick people so I have built up a natural immunity. You know that thing they tried to convince us doesn’t work but now say does work.

Overtime I’ve built up a great immune system but the key is to maintain it and support it.

Top 10 Best Ways to support my immune system:

1) get adjusted using upper Cervical chiropractic technique- Atlas orthogonal

2) eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables from local farms

3) eat local honey because it has the pollen from local trees, flowers, etc… That are present during allergy season

4) don’t overuse anti biotic sprays, cleaning products, wipes, hand sanitizer. I use it when appropriate not to wipe up every little thing.

5) use Thieves cleaning products or other products that use clove, cinnamon, lemon, orange essential oils that have natural antibacterial, antiviral properties.

6) Reduce stress whenever possible. Stress will weaken the neuroimmune system and you are likely to get sick.

7) Exercise using low impact activities like swimming, walking, jogging, etc… 3 times a week. Exercise is a stress but it can be beneficial to stress your body in a healthy way a few times a week.

8) Get outside for sunshine 10 minutes a day. If you live in a cold climate you need to get outside at least 10 minutes a day to stimulate the hormone vitamin D.

9) Keep your skin healthy by drinking plenty of water, using lotion made without harmful chemicals .

10) Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Your body needs to sleep to regulate the repairing processes of the body. When you sleep your body heals and gets ready to protect you when you’re awake.

Okay, that’s it! 10 ways to improve your immune system. These are simple and effective because remember, it should be easy to stay healthy!

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