It’s all about health. Let’s talk about the taboo topics and answer the most relevant questions that women have regarding their health. Here you can find all things: hormones, menopause, gut/digestive issues, diabetes and sugar handling, spine, neck, and back conditions, pregnancy before and after, and so much more. 


Can You Feel the Sunshine?

Cue age of Aquarius “let the sunshine in”, what a great song.  It’s one of those songs that I can play loud with the windows



measuring abs with tape measure

How to: Fix Abs after a Baby

Congratulations! You’ve just welcome a shiny new human onto planet earth and that is really amazing.  You’ve spent nine months growing another living being and

Chronic Conditions

Is Garlic Good for You?

What is garlic? Garlic is known ubiquitously throughout the world as the powerful herb that will ward off vampires when used in large quantities. Simply


Atlas Orthogonal Patient Manual

Welcome! Congratulations on starting your journey to health.  We are so excited that you have decided to delve into the realm of spinal health and