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About Dr. Crowley

I am an atlas orthogonal chiropractor (I adjust the top bone in the neck using a very specific program). In my free time, I enjoy traveling to my fiance’s conferences all over the world.  We like to scuba dive (yes there are sharks involved). I enjoy gardening at our home and am an aspiring cellist.

I am passionate about all things health and wellness. It began when I was in my early teens and I suffered from torticollis briefly and then felt like my health was deteriorating a young age. I started to get heavy into nutrition and exercise, which was also pretty natural for me since both my parents are marathoners.
Atlas Orthogonal saved my life by helping to gently re-align my spine. From there, I’ve made supplements, organic foods, exercise and personal development a regular part of my life. I enjoy the process of self-discovery and the DIY mentality.
If I can fix it myself, I’m going to!
I hope you find some value in my posts and you can always reach out to me via email or on the contact form.
If I can help you some way, I’d love to.
I realized after I helped myself that helping others was my main purpose in life and I’m blessed to do that every single day.

Things are looking up

Not to fear, things can change.

It only takes some knowledge and experience and then you’ll be on your way

Who is behind this site?

Dr. Morgan Crowley, BS, DC, BCAO is one of three hundred people in the world trained in the atlas orthogonal upper cervical technique.  She also spends a great deal of time researching other areas of health and fitness.  Her bachelor’s degree from the University of Buffalo is in Exercise Science which was the result of a passion for all things fitness. related.